Where to Buy the Official Guide for GMAT

Whether you’re taking the GMAT this year or next year, you’ll want to purchase the Official Guide for GMAT so you have the best means of preparing for the exam.

The Official Guide isn’t just one publication, however. In fact, there are numerous variations for each year of the test.

The question is, where can you buy the different Official Guide options?

Official Guide for GMAT 2017

If you’re taking the GMAT this year, time is of the essence.

Amazon has the GMAT Review 2017 Bundle, which comes with separate books on the Quantitative Review, Verbal Review, and an online question bank and videos to help you prepare. You can also purchase the Quantitative Review, Verbal Review, and online question bank books separately if you wish.

Each of these variations is available at a number of other online retailers, including Barnes and Noble, Target, and Google Play.

Official Guide for GMAT 2018

The preparation guide for the 2018 GMAT just recently came out and is available at a number of websites.

You can pick up the guide directly from the publisher, Wiley, for $45.95, or you can purchase the OG in an e-book version on this site for about half of what the print version costs at Wiley.

The Official Guide for GMAT 2018 includes 864 pages of questions and test-prep materials to get you ready for next year’s exam.

There are more than 900 actual GMAT questions, so you’re sure you’re prepping for the exam based off of real questions - not the fake ones that imitation study guides offer. There’s a comprehensive overview of the 2018 GMAT as well, that way you can get familiar with the format of the test before you ever lay eyes on it.

As with the Official Guide 2017, the 2018 version can be purchased separately as individual books. The Quantitative Review, Verbal Review, and a bundle option are also available from Wiley.

Each of the 2018 Official Guides is also available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Final Thoughts

When considering where to buy the Official Guide for GMAT, the price is certainly an overriding factor. Shopping around can help you save on the purchase price.

Don’t forget to consider things like taxes and shipping, too. While one website might offer a discounted priced for one of the Official Guides, it might end up being more expensive if shipping isn’t free.

If you’re in school, think about visiting your college’s bookstore, as they might have the guide you need in stock. That way you can avoid shipping costs altogether.

Wherever you decide to buy the guide, ensure that it’s the Official Guide for GMAT and not an imitation test-prep book. Only the Official Guide for GMAT has actual GMAT test questions and answers to help you study for the exam.

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